Monday, December 3, 2012

cuteness killaz'

oh killed it with the Christmas Card/Family Photos!:) I love soooo so many of them!! I've spent a few hours since yesterday putting together a potential Christmas Card and can't wait to reveal it to you:)

in the mean are a few sneak peeks:)

um, yeah. Go ahead and just quit your life. This child, above, is as cute as it gets. I give up...on everything. Just going to stay home and be around his face;)

it was unfortunate that my usual photographer was ill - NOT cool Courts;) But as you can did an above average job;) I kid mom. These are amazing and it's true, Courts got her talent from you:)

man...this family of mine is SO cute...we're unstoppable! For real. Try to stop us...we will kill you with our cuteness:)
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