Monday, December 3, 2012

BFF for.eva. and eva eva;)

BFF. You know who you are;) As soon as my 30 day Target Cleanse is over - have I mentioned that I'm cleansing myself of Target for 30 days (the realistic goal is 10 days;) but I'm telling the hubs it's 30 days;) BUT after that - I will be falling off the wagon...hard making this one of my first purchases. 

* both of us wearing our Best Friend Beanies out on the town
* you dancing
* me stancing just as hard...and it WILL be as creepy as that sounds;)
* and the most amount of self-taken a bar...that a pair of BFF's wearing matching Best Friends beanies will ever need or be able to handle


PS. i'm only cleansing myself of Target because I've lost my mind and forgotten that one person need not spend so much EVERY week at Target. You can still go on living without a weekly Frappuccino and Target - so they say;). Target has done nothing wrong. It was me. Allllllll me:( But soon...we shall be reunited;)
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