Saturday, December 8, 2012

hot and ready:)

this post is coming a weeeee bit late but I wanted to squeeze it in before I have another holiday to cover!


this photo just kills me!!! Gonna be lady killa's someday;)

thanksgiving started off with a walk to Auntie Mal's for some coffee and shenanigans:) I love starting our days off this way!!!:) Unfortunately, this sometimes replaces the time I would have allotted for I did not look my Sunday Best for Thanksgiving with the family;)

after...not showering...we were off:) The drive to my Uncle Swade and Aunt Liz's is so beautiful! SOMEDAY I will be having Courts take family photos on the road leading to their home:) We had actually planned to do that but Jacob went hunting instead of joining us...but that's okay. We agreed that he'd come with every other year. Man. We rock the compromise;)

that drive makes me so happy, normally. As you can see...Homer lost his shit the entire way. Which is about 40 minute drive. Poor dude. And poor Auntie Pigg who was sharing the backseat with him;)

as I've said before...tradition is so sooooo important to us:) We go to Swade and Liz's EVERY year for Thanksgiving. Sometimes the time of day differs but it is something we look forward to year round. She just makes THE best Thanksgiving food. Lord. Pigg and I actually cut out heavy drinking on Wednesday night before Thanksgiving because being hungover was not allowing us to eat the amount of amazing food we wanted to eat. Sacrifices;)

the things we've come to expect at Thanksgiving:

- liz's amazing It's goooodddddd:)

- liz's blueberry cheese cake (unfortunately, she's gotten SO good at the cheese cake that she's now asked to bring it to EVERY family function!!!:)

- mom's grape jello mold and white sauce and I'm gonna need mom to correct me on what that's called (that sounds horrendous but when I mentioned to her the night before Thanksgiving how much I was looking forward to it and she was all "what...Oh, yeah...I almost forgot!!!" I almostttttttt lost it! ALMOST. Just the thought of it not being there made me seriously lose it!!!!;)

- wine. der.

- funny stories around the table after dinner:)

- sleep for the boys in the living room and football

it's such a great day and I can't tell you how much I look forward to it! And now to have Homer there enjoying it's pretty amazing. AND have I mentioned that this year it was about 60 degrees out!?!? In Wisconsin. IN November!!!! It was bliss! Wine outside...go cart playing. This will be the Thanksgiving to beat:)

thanksgiving also includes TONS of photos!!! We always try to get a 'sister' photo and since Courts was off doing something else...we had Rowdy (Drew-baby:) step in cause they pretty much look identical anyways!!!;)

and then we got some for real:)

i pretty much love these bitchessss - and Pigg's boots;) Similar HERE but they're from PacSun and were much cheaper:).

is there really anything better than being outside, wine in hand, on a warm November day, kids playing all around...surrounded by family...after an amazing meal!?!?!?!?

nope. There is not:)

rowdy and her other mother...Mal;)

a pair of flats that I'm kinda in love with:) Helloooo red! - Old Navy

taken by Mom:)
taken by Courts - quality sucks cause I couldn't get it downloaded correctly:(

beautiful end to a beautiful day!! And now on to Christmasssssssssssss!!!!:)
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