Saturday, December 8, 2012

etsy saturday.

oh Christmas. oh December. Oh everyday from Thanksgiving to New Years!!!!!! Why must you make me want to spend all the money we have in the bank...and some that we don't;)?

just grazing Etsy and finding goodies I could find a million reasons to get...and onlyyyyyy a few reasons why I shouldn't;)

we may have a wedding in FL come July of 2013 - OMG. There's a year 2013. Sorry for the interruption but I'm weirded out by 2013. 

SO this dress is adorable and feels like FL, circa 2013...don't cha' think?! Bright, sunny, hot, summer FL:) Maybeeee I could have it shortened!?

i am SO lucky this child does not show up at my door selling cookies, drugs, small animals, a hammer, poo ANYTHING...cause I would buy 12;)

so the plate, oh yeah;) I really want all my future kiddos to benefit from me spending $24 each on personalized plates. Here's how that's gonna go down:

- homer's plate breaks...for the rest of my life the kids fight over the 3 remaining personalized plates and get physically violent with each other before every meal because they MUST have their specific plate. One may even decide he/she hates the color of the plate I got them 10 years prior and maybe even decide they hate their name. I can't wait for the looks Jacob and I will exchange over these things...I hope it's a smirky smile;)

long story not short: the idea of that actually happening does not make me want the plates any less:))

i keep thinking I need a fewwwwww more things for my walls and these are adorable and perfect. If you walk into my house and see a wall full of these...then...well...I lost control and probably don't feel too bad about it;)

also, I especially like the above quote: 

this is the start of something beautiful

i feel the need to have this placed somewhere for us to see as soon as we walk through the doors of our home:)

more adorable artwork for our little man's room! Seeing as we've been to Spain and I wouldn't complain about going to would be perfect!!!

i'm digging all things color lately. Color on white:) They're a bit over our budget but aren't they the best designed stockings EVER!?!?!?:)

PS. i just picked up 7 (because in my world there will be Jacob, me and 5 kiddos - again, I will be hiding that extra stocking from Jacob;) of THESE (not quite but the only ones I could find - the ones I got were .97ea:) stockings at Walmart - I super cheap of me;) BUT I dropped them off at local store, Designer Advertising, to have Jacob, Casey and Homer sewn on:)

PPS. wish I would have seen THESE first cause they.are.amazing!!! I'm pretty sure Jacob would have caught me using them as boots around the house, as well as stockings;)

and now...go try not to online shop;)
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