Tuesday, December 11, 2012

there's a 2 year old rowdy?!

it's difficult for me to remember Drew as anything BUT what she is now: Rowdy.

she got the nickname of Rowdy last year on our MOA trip. It just came to me and boy is it a perfect fit for her:) She is the 6th of Court and Dave's 7 kiddos. And she has not just blended in. Anything but!! I love that prior to each baby getting here...we sit and wonder how they'll ever leave a mark or hold their own. And somehow...each one has pleasantly surprised us. 

rowdy. You are a mini version of your mother. If you, at 2 years old, showed up at one of our houses with the Burb' and a bottle of wine...we'd probably shoot the shit with you for an hour before realizing you weren't your mom;)

happy birthday to ANOTHER beautiful Smith Baby:)

had to add this one cause does she EVER look like Baby Meg?!?! Wow:)

the above photo really suits her personality. Some converses and amazing pants. At 2, she's already figured out 'cool'. 

Happy 2nd Birthday Drew-baby:) 
always be your Rowdy self:):)

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