Thursday, December 13, 2012

month 7:)

oh Father're an asshole.

i could probably leave it at that...buttttt I won't;)

our little man, Homer, is 7 months old. Unlike 6 months...7 months has seemed a bit more monumental.  Probably because he's so much more independent already. Which is making him seem like he's 47 instead of 7 months. He looks at me like I'm a serious head case more. Like he's finally understanding what he's dealing with;)

oh Homer. Why must you keep doing things that upset me growing up!?!? I'm told there's so much more fun to come and I kinda believe that. But what's more fun than endless cuddles and the bond we share with nursing?! I'm guessing I'll get some odd glances if I continue to do those things to my 10 year old;)?

i guess I best get on board with this growing up thing. Luckily, Homer growing up is a huge distraction from that other thing that's growing up;)


more cryingggggg....

my face is actually distorted from the crying...Jacob may have just asked if I could cry quieter;)

this, having a kid thing, is pretty crazy. I think when Homer got was just this odd thing. Weird. I loved him. But the real stuff actually grows every day that he's here. 

thanks for helping make the last 7 months the most fun, beautiful, exhausting, educational, confusing and love-filled months of our lives, Homer:) Now be a good 7 month old boy and sleep for 8 hours straight's in need of some seriously zzzzzzz'ssssss!!!;)
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