Sunday, December 23, 2012


morning, my fellow Christmas/Holiday LOVE-AH'ssssss:)

this time of year is my favorite. Besides my Birthday month. Anddddd our Annual MOA trip. Anyways...I LOVE this time of year. No doubt in the top 5 of my favorite times of the year;)

this year I am working a lot around the holiday's. I can hardly complain (but yet I'm going to;) because I'm now down to 24 hours a week - Auuuuuuuhhhhmazing:) But I've been working all weekend and then helping Jacob cater after work and then I work Christmas Day and New Years and so yeahhhhhh. Not ideal. But hopefully then next year will be much more relaxed.

thankfully, all that working doesn't take too much away from my giddiness about tonight. Tonight we kick off the beginning of many get-together's with family and friends!!!:)

here is our wonderful tree!!! And our wonderful son...with our wonderful tree:) 

it's painful to be SOOOO wonderful;)

whatever your holiday plans are...we hope you're able to spend it with those you love...lots of hugs and happiness...and maybe some wine and beer and cheer and scrumptious sleep-inducing food...and a few amazing gifts in there too....;)
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