Sunday, December 30, 2012

etsy sunday.

i toyed with the idea of only putting the photo of this pillow on this post and calling it a day and leaving you feeling completely awkward;)

BUT I didn't. You're welcome:)

why must I constantly feel like spending?!?! Can that be my one and only downfall?! - I'm guessing Jacob wishes that were my only downfall;)

here are just a few things that I'm in love with at the moment. Few of many...many:)

there WILL, eventually, be a baby girl. And when there many fun things will be bought immediately:)

Baby Headbands (set of 3) $29.25 

most of the jewelry I own has something to do with Jacob. My Heart. Smith. S. J. :)

jacob suggested the other night, getting me an 'upgraded' wedding ring on our 10 year anniversary. I'd never really given it much thought.

jacob picked out my ring himself and surprised me with it. I knew a proposal was coming...I 'encouraged' it;) BUT he resisted any and all assistance from me in picking out a ring. 
it was NOT anything I had expected or would have ever chosen, given the chance. But when he, excitedly, told me that when he saw that ring...he just knew it was me...I knew it was the perfect ring:)
As I've mentioned before, I don't wear much for jewelry...and I love that my ring is one of the only things that I consider super special and that I NEVER take off:)

i kinda forgot where I was going with this;)...WAIT. 

POINT: i won't ever have the urge to have an upgrade. Nope. No interest. And that's exactly what I told Jacob:)
Take me back to Spain on that 'upgrade' budget...take me anywhere. And I'll keep my ring just the way it is:)
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