Wednesday, January 9, 2013

get festive! do it. now.

the amount of photos in this post are going to blow.your.mind.hole. No? Your 'mind hole' has never been blown??? - (holy hell. one of my sister's is taking note of that sentence to throw in my face later;).

TIGER BALL HAIR: what does that have to do with my Christmas-ish Post you ask? Nothing. Not a damnnnn thang'. But I'm still going to clue you in.

one time we were all in Courts' kitchen, talking about an expensive sweater. Yep, $50 qualifies as expensive - Sorry GAP. We are your haters;) I made the comment that a sweater that expensive must be made out of Tiger Ball Hair. Cause how else do you explain that price tag?!?! HOW.ELSE?!?!
the end.

SO. Christmas:) We love it. WE. LOVE. CHRISTMAS. And here are the days and activities leading up to it:)

homer and I went to a Christmas Parade:) A first for our little man. We went with my mom. Cause, apparently, our husbands decided to not love parades that night. For real bums!?!?!?;)

he was happyyyyy!!! :)   he was sadddd!!! :(

even met up with Auntie Mal Mal:):)

ohhhh Christmas Tree...OH Christmas Tree:)

i'm not gonna lie. Our tree was damn near PERFECT this year and that was perfect timing cause it was Homer's First Christmas:) So everything had to be right on the money;)

finally got a good one of Homer with dad and the tree! He loved that dang thing. Thanking our lucky stars that we got one more year with the beautiful glass bulbs, seeing as Homer has chosen not to become mobile in his 8 months;) 

i would say he's lazy, like his mama but he doesn't love naps. Which makes me wonder how I could have birthed such a beast!!!!;)

as you can imagine - from the 'lazy' comment above - Homer wasn't much help with the decorations;) But he sure seemed to like watching me do all the work. It was a lot of fun though. We had snacks: organic puffs for him...cookie dough for me;) We listened to some tunes and had some periodic dance parties. Homer sure likes when we dance and I figure I should get in as much dancing with him as I can now...before he figures out that I'm awful at it...or so I've been told;)

we I only broke one bulb this year:/ BUT luckily I had picked up some adorable Star Wars additions at Target this year:) 

yep. We're pretty lucky and this photo proves that. We have an adorable little home - soon to be that house that we drive by when Homer gets a little older and point out the house that we brought him home to after he was born. His first home:)

we have a beautiful, healthy little boy and are able to put presents under the tree for him:)

oops. Forgot to change him out of his Halloween onsie for these CHRISTMAS photos;)

homer got to sit on Santa's lap this year! The photo sucked. Homer killed it but Santa was creepy and they zoomed in on his face so we probably could have just gone to lunch at Arby's and asked a man there with a beard to hold Homer while we snapped a pic. And yes. There's always a man with a beard at fast food restaurants. Open your EYES!!!;)
 We framed it anyways:/ Looking forward to years of terrible Santa photos to come;)


i mentioned a few posts back about some cheap stockings I had purchased from Walmart. BUT after having our names stitched in them...I really love them:) The extra ones I bought are packed away and patiently awaiting more babies;)

the eve of Christmas Eve. Der.

i'll direct you to Courts' blog - where she covers a bit more of Christmas for ya:)

but like she said...we moved some things around this year and it worked out really magically;) I don't much like change. But that really only matters to me when we're talking about things like: seriously important traditions to me, aging...death, Taco Bell's menu - I mean seriously dudes...Jacob and I are about to abandon you for Taco John's if we have to!!! GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER...and when you do...don't put it in the beans. I kid...I kiddddd;) 

so the Sunday before Christmas - the eve of Christmas Eve:) - we celebrated with my husband's family:)

meat. meat. meat.

luckily, I'm still nursing or I'm sure there would have been much more damage done to my weight gain;)

mama likes her wine...and Homer finds it annoying;)

loving this group shot of all the kiddos!!!:) MERRY EVE OF CHRISTMAS EVEEEEEE. Say it. SAYYYY ITTTTTT!!!!;)

lots of wonderful gift giving happening here:)

behind the scenes of getting a decent photo together...the only thing one shot about us is getting pregnant;)

holy crap. I.Love.This.Kid:)

what would Christmas be without a room full of family silently playing on electronic devices;)

my goal to try new beers is going pretty well! I like to make resolutions I can follow through with;)


my and my Nasher-man:)

my sister, Mal, got these adorable tags from Etsy for our mom and then we used some cute Christmas-e twine/string I had to make them into Christmas Tree Ornaments. They were so cute that I ordered some for Jacob's mom as well:) I got one with each of our names on them!

christmas-ish happenings:)

there were also days in there that we just hung-out...watched it snow...crafted...baked-ish...

it's just a great time of year to spend time together (not that we don't already spend a freakish amount of time together:).

may have been some more wine in there too;)

okay. Giving your minds a break...part two coming up in a few:)
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