Monday, January 7, 2013


my daddio turned 54 yesterday!!!!:) And he is the best. Good day;) 

 sometimes he just can't smile. It's weird...and hilarious! He's passed this trait onto me - the only fault;) And I've deemed it - The Chucky Face;)

 dad and homer hanging out:)

i gotta say. My dad, for real, is the best. I know I annoy him with constant calls but seriously...I can't make a decision without his opinion! I just can't!!!!! And now that we've bought another fixer-upper...he's probably regretting ever having more than one kid;) But had he not had more than one...he would have never had me...which means he would have always had a gaping hole in his heart that Courts could not have filled - she's not the favorite;)

so're welcome dad. I'm happy to be here to make your life better;)

Happy Birthday Dad!!!
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