Monday, March 25, 2013

11/52. 12/52.

here we are...looking as classy as everrrrrrrr!!!!;) Had to squeeze a couple photos out of us this weekend to cover both 11 and 12 of 52 cause I'm running a wee bit behind!:)

the last week has been....busy! It was my Birthday Week. Which is always jam packed with goodness. But we added in some Volley Ball games - my sister, Courts, played in our local Alumni Tournaments - we also had an Open House to try to get our house sold (no takers yet), our friends from CO were in town, we had another Birthday Party to attend...

POINT: it's been crazy and I'm a bit sluggish cause all that included drinks and food. Lots of both;)


if you were too distracted by our crazy mugs to notice all that snow in the background...I understand;) BUT seriously. Lots of snow yet. Mounds of it. BUT we're hitting some upper 30's and into the 40's this week and to most people, this is gonna sound crazy....But 40's are like shorts weather for us Wisconsinites;) I welcome 40 degrees with open windows and hour long walks with Homer:):)
Bring on SPRING:)


hoping to get some more festive posts for you in the coming days! I've turned THIRTY since I've posted last and that's kindaaaaa a big deal. I made it a big deal. Photos were involved and will be comin' soon:)
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