Sunday, March 17, 2013

want it. on it. done it.

not too long ago I posted about wanting to make more time to read...and on that note, I'm penciling in a bath, glass of wine and some reading after Homer goes to bed tonight:). This IS my Birthday Week, after all;)

here's where I am on the reading front...I've actually finished and begun a new book! PAT.ON.BACK:)

right now I'm a wee bit obsessed with learning about some of my favorite comics:) SNL is the theme of my most recent reads!

i'm currently reading Epilogue. So far, it's turned out to be a difficult read for me. It's quite beautiful but it really gets a person thinking and yesterday I watched a super sad episode of Grey's Anatomy and then started reading this book...let's just say that I met my crying quota for the entire year...all in one day;)

i'll report back on how it was when I'm finished:)

PS. it's about a woman who is widowed.

this was a great read and I'd suggest it for anyone looking for something cute and light to get them through the rest of this cold weather:) I DO think, however, Tina Fey's book - Bossypants - was a better fit for me:) And now, if only, Amy Poehler would come out with her own book...that would jump to the top of my list!!!

now...go get your read on!:)
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