Sunday, March 17, 2013

easter. grrrr.

i guesssss Easter is upon us. Blahhhhhh. Any one who knows me, knows that Easter and I are not pals. I blame this entirely on my parents;) I shouldn't even winky face that cause it's not funny (mostly not funny to me...I know they still laugh about it all these years later - evil bastards;).

POINT: i was never able to find my matter HOW easily the 'Easter Bunny' hid it. I have to poor attitude and lack of enthusiasm about the search probably didn't help anything but there you have. I hate Easter;)

SIDE NOTE: 2 years ago, Easter and my, beloved, Birthday landed on the same worlds collided;)

this year will be Homer's FIRST Easter:) One of many firsts that we look forward to. Jacob and I have touched a little on the subject of Easter. Like...will we celebrate it??
Yeah...probably but we're gonna try to make it fun and a little more us and just see how things go as the years go on.

and now, the task of not over filling his basket:)

we'd like to include a book...we'd like our gifts to Homer to always include a book:) And maybe this time...a little kid-friendly explanation of what Easter means:)

jacob and I have both been obsessed with these shoes and really want them for Homer...I should wait till his birthday for something like this but seriously...too cute for waiting:)

i'm a lover of all wooden toys and I'm sure I'll regret adding a toy that will give me a headache later...but so cute and I'd love for Homer to loveeee love love music and making music:)

homer has a few little golfer hats but I was thinking this would be great for him this summer! Have I mentioned howwwww excited I am for SUN and Warm Weather and SUNNNNNN!!!!!!:):)

a little bunny friend. Obviously:)

super sale Yoda buckets!!! Great for Easter and will be a cute addition to his room:) - thanks for the tip Lisa:):)

yummy, healthy snacks:)


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