Friday, March 1, 2013


after a recent night with the ladies, including wine and great conversation:) got me thinking about 'meant to be' and 'fate' and 'soul mates'. I've never been a big believer in any of that. I'm more of a 'timing' girl. A 'fork in the road' kinda chic. I really believe that timing is everything. Even in me and Jacob's case. We spent 3 years together right out of High School. After we broke-up, we spent almost 4 years apart. There was an occasional text message in there.

SIDE NOTE: every few months one of us would send the other a text message that simply said "Hi". I think that covered everything we wanted to say and didn't. 

jacob moved back home. And we took a chance. And it paid off. I've never been happier and I know that's why we don't take each other for granted. Because we realize that we're so lucky that things worked out when and how they did:)

looking back, i think I was given a few chances to find happiness. I can think of 2 guys in particular, amazing guys, that came through my life at the wrong time. But the best part is...I'd choose Jacob. Given the chance to do it all over again...I'd always want it to be Jacob and I in the end:)


PS. jacob and I do agree on one thing...we'd bring our friend back and let the chips fall where they may:) NRS
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