Sunday, March 31, 2013

home: living room

i started these 'house posts' as real.inspiration.hope posts. BUT I'm simplifying because my ideas can sometimes be a bit lets just keep things as simple as possible up in here (up in herrrr. up in herrrr;).

this one is centered around the living room. It's a larger room, which means;)...which has made it more difficult to nail down the exact direction I want to go in. For the most part, I do have a vision in mind of how I want this room to look. 
After HOURS...seriously...of putting stuff together...I finallyyyyy feel like I got it looking the way I had envisioned it!!! SO glad I went back and reworked things until it felt more 'US':)

we haven't had the time to do a lot with the house, in general. But in the living room we've taken down all the window treatments and pulled up the carpeting. We're hoping to start remodeling the living room ourselves in the next week or so. The plan is to try and fix any cracks on the walls, sand and re-stain the floors, clean the windows and then paint. Waaaaa LA!! Should look and feel like an entirely new room, especially when those floors get cleaned up:)

here's a short video of the room in its current state. I thought I'd try that cause I think it'd give you a better idea of the flow of the room:)

has anyone in their life spent $1000 on an area rug?!?! My god. I love this rug. I sure do. But I will be searching for the guy selling knock-offs of this rug in the trunk of his car;)

2 - unable to find source:(
we're not planning to paint the brick around the fireplace white...I liked this photo for several reasons: the books in those side nooks. The large photo (although, we think we'll be putting the TV in that spot). And plants. I want lots of green in our home:)

again, many things I'm crushing on in this photo as well:) Depending on what couch we decide on...I'd love to have some chairs with some pattern or a fun color...
And I also love the floor color with the white walls...books, plants...record player...I love how there can be a lot going on in a room and it all still comes together perfectly and comfortably:)

because the living room is so long/large, there's room to make a separate play/media area, especially for the kiddos:) I envision family movie nights once a week...cozied up on an over-sized love seat/day bed...popcorn in our burning:):)
I'd also like to add some baskets for toys, even though we'll have a designated 'play room', I'd like to have some storage cause we all knowwww the toys will end up anywhere BUT the play room;)

this is the inspiration for the 'movie' area:)
Right now we've settled on just doing ALL off-white walls in the house. This will work perfectly for the need for a sheet, just a blank wall!!

just an example of an adorable, over-sized love seat/day bed. All we want is something cute and comfy...but sturdy and durable and kid-friendly...for that area:)

again...$800 for an area rug...BUT now that I've considered a $1000 one - see above - $800 is suddenly seeming like a steal;)

an example of a projector we're thinking of purchasing, eventually:)

i'm in SUPER love with these baskets. For real. True love! They're a bit out of my price range...and by bit...I mean entirely. BUT I want to do things right in this new house...right the first time, even if it does cost me a tad more than I hope. Although, in this case, I'll probably do some basket research before I pour $500 into 6 baskets;)

and we'll be putting our record player in this little area too! Thanks to mom for that amazing Christmas present - she found a super cool vintage one on Ebay for us:) - ALSO, if anyone knows someone that fixes record players...we need their name. 

we're still undecided about the furniture situation. This is one thing I REALLY want to do brand-new. I have soooo many vintage/flea market/2nd hand finds...and I love them - they also need a little TLC, like recovering and such but they will get utilized in the house at some point - BUT I really want our main furniture to be the good stuff:)

we're torn between getting a super awesome, cozy sectional with chaise OR a nice deep/long (that's what she said;) couch and over-sized chair with ottoman.... 

this is a decision we're going to wait on till after our current house sells. THEN we're going to take a little road trip and sit on furniture for hours and hoursssss;)

i love this wall of photos and frames. It reminds me of my family:) Big and lots of memories of many days spent together! I can't wait to just keep adding photos of our growing family:)
I'm hoping that we can do some shelves behind the couch (which would be on the wall to the left of the mantel - the North/West wall:).

i'd love to get this print! Me and Jacob's 'song' is Total Eclipse of the Heart - don't ask;) - The DAN BAND version is THE best...omg. So good;) - anyways...hoping to order this print soon and have it framed to put on the wall/mantel in the living room:)

there you have it folks! The LONGGGGG version of what I want our future living room to look like! I can see it already and it feels perfect and happy and cozy:) We can't WAIT!:)
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