Friday, March 8, 2013

month ten:(

the age I've been dreading snuck up on me. I feel as if I JUST posted about him turning 9 months and how puking would commence when he turned 10 months. I'm actually...truly...having a hard time with 10 months:(

10 months is 2 months from one year. ONE YEAR. A birthday. A real one. The big ONE. A party for my little boy. His first. First party. First birthday. 

POINT: i can't emotionally handle this aging thing. He's taken away the attention of me aging (thank youuuuuuu child;). But watching him get's as painful as it is rewarding.

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as you can see....Homer was just as excited about turning 10 months as I was about him turning 10 months;) 

we just recently got Homer a cute little walker toy, one that he can stand up and push:) I figured it may be time to encourage this bum to get moving a bit! Evennnnn though I hate the idea of him being mobile:/ But he really loves his new hippo friend! AND such a great deal. My mom found this $5 hippo friend at a Goodwill, right after I had decided against buying a $45 generic toy at Target! Thankkkkkk YOU 2nd hand stores!!!:)

anddddd I got Homer's date of birth tattoo covered yesterday. I added it right below mine and Jacob's anniversary date but the guy who did Homer's DOB did a terrible is that possible...HOW????? Arg. So since then...I've been wanting to cover it. But I still wanted to leave our anniversary date cause I loved that and I got that before we got married.

i decided to keep it simple and just go with a black heart. It actually worked out perfectly because Jacob calls me 'his heart'. Which I find perfect and most other's find ridiculous;)
I will...eventually...maybe...get our kids' dates of birth somewhere:)

now to get on with the planning of his first birthday! We've already decided to just do a little get together with immediate family. Anyone that knows our family...knows there are enough of us to make quite a party anyways;) So we'll keep it simple but I'd still like to do something invites and all that fun stuff:) We've decided on a theme - which we'll keep hush hush till then - and a few things we'd like to get him...without, hopefully, spoiling him too bad:)
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