Sunday, March 3, 2013

etsy sunday.

i'm a bit behind on my Etsy here are a few of my favorite things that I've saved over the last few weeks! It's got the wheels turning for a few other posts I'm working on:

- Homer's First Birthday (apparently they age...I'm confused?!;)

- a Living Room Inspiration Board for the new house

- a list of Fashion Life Essentials for my style lacking sister, Courts;)

so much more to come my friends:)

loving the vintage baby toys, as well as a kitty sweater for a little girl:) and adorable fur booties:)

don't ask me why I was drawn to this weird looking giraffe just tugged at my heart strings:)

i've been wanting a little tee pee for Homer...since he was born:) I'm thinking this will be a great gift for him to wake up to on his First Birthday (gagggg. pukeeee...2 months to go!!!!). 
I found this TP through an adorable blog and she even did a little painting of her own on it, which I loved!! DIY Paint Job - The Day Book

great dresses. Great dresses that I have no need for but want anyway! BUT I need that little leather belt AND how amazing is that gray at the bottom of that white one?! Yes. Great:)

perfect little hats. Man, I love hats! How does one get them to stay on their head though!? I've never been able to position them like that and have them stay on:/

i want these for the new house. But I must wait...till we move to the new house. I can not have any more 'things' show up at the door of our old house...for our new house:)

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