Saturday, April 13, 2013


another holiday has gone by. Another first for Homer:) Once again, I started off saying we were going to be completely minimal...not getting Homer anything...flash forward to me walking out of Target with a cart full of Easter Basket goodies and enough clothes to dress him for a week;) Kinda...

it wasn't as bad as it could have been but all these firsts are SO hard not to get excited about:):)

easter was a great day, spent with family...after I got done with work:/ But while I was at work I got to FaceTime with Jacob and Homer so that I could see him checking out his first Easter Basket:)

homer got some little wooden toys. Obviously, something Star Wars related. Some healthy snacks. A tomato plant...that he's yet to plant;). And some clothes and an adorable fedora...that he refuses to wear;)

we have gone to my sister, Courts, for Easter over the last few years. Jacob and I are hoping that by next year we'll be able to have a few of these holiday's at our new house! I think Courts will appreciate the break;)

i think every one BUT Homer wore his fedora that day;) We tried to keep it on him for a Family photo but that was short lived!:)

our aunt and uncle, Liz and Swade join us every year!:) I was just thinkinggggg we all need to get together WAY more than we do! They only live about 40 minutes away and we only see them a few times a year! Not acceptable;) Unfortunately, our cousin Jess, wasn't able to make it this year! Just like me, she works odd hours and weekends it's hard to coordinate all our schedules. 
SO we're gonna have to figure out something before Thanksgiving:):)

new this year was a bit of yoga. Rowdy could probably teach a class at only 2 years old!! The girls got amazing form;)

homer hating on those amazing boots;)

no holiday would be complete without a Nerf war and some casualties;)

we got this group shot in ONE try!!!

oh wait...NO we didn't;)

i circled some of the more amazing faces in these 2 pictures;) Freaking cracks me up every time!!!!

oh man...That FACE!!!! - and a little creeper;) Too freaking cute:):) Can anyone really blame Courts for having as many as possible?!?!?

and the entire Smith Clan below:) - see more photos over at Courts blog HERE:)

by the end of the day (4PM;) Jacob and I were exhausteddddd...and Homer was just getting started. These are the times I wonder how people have kids...I want to nap. He doesn't. How does THAT work??;)

i love love love his festive Easter tshirt;) Killer bunny style!:)

another great day with family! We always look forward to the next:):) We're all hoping that Wisconsin brings us some nicer weather by the next Holiday so we can spend it outside! 
We just celebrated a few birthday's for my nephews and I had bought 2 of them new bikes. Life has been hell for my sisters, to say the least. They want to ride those bikes and I think it's snowed every day since;) Oops;)

hope you all had an amazing Easter and are hanging in there...better weather is yet to come:):)
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