Wednesday, May 1, 2013


last night Jacob and I were able to get Homer to bed by 8PM and shared a pizza while watching some TV. I cried tears of joy;)

it also gave us a chance to really talk about the fact that we only have abouttt 29 days left in this house. A place I've called home for almost a decade! I actually got pretty emotional at the thought of leaving. It means change. Something I'm sure a lot of us struggle with.

this is the place we brought Homer home to. His first ever home:) Jacob proposed in our bedroom here - it's also where he gave me one too many watches and cameras insteaddddd of rings;) It's where we brought our first pet home, our cat Rosco. It's also where manyyyy fights were had and doors were slammed. Where break-ups happened and tears were shed. But it's where we always made-up and where we planned our future and got our shit together;)

it had also been a struggle. Financially...I almost lost this house many times in those first years. I was in over my head and it took a long time to dig myself out of my self-made hole. But I did it...but not without the help of my family and Jacob. This house has been a group effort:) 

i'm proud of how far it's come from the day we moved in and I want the best for it. I want a family/couple/person to move here and grow to love it like I did and especially, take care of it:)

i'm surely going to miss this place.


we haven't sold the house yet. We have been keeping our fingers crossed that this summer that will happen. Lots of big plans are riding on the sale of this house. But we have a very great renter moving in May 30th, so we're shooting to be out the weekend of May 25th!!!:)
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