Saturday, May 4, 2013

homer goodness:)

as of Homer to brighten your day! Some are going to be repeats for you guys, especially if you already follow me on Instagram. But scroll away:)

i was able to get lots of cutes ones of Homer and daddy this month!:) Now to get the 'good' camera out and get some of us all together:)

the weather around here has been good...then bad...then REALLY bad...then good:) SO right now...I thinkkkkkkkkkk we may be on an upswing and we may stay there. Let's hope:)

with good weather comes LOTS of walking! Homer and I love to be outside! So this good weather couldn't have come at a better time because I was about to lose my shit!! Being cooped up indoors from October through May was almost too much to handle!

courts snapped these photos of Homer with his cousin, Lia:) Such a good reminder that I seriouslyyyy need to start using my camera instead of my phone:/

the above loot isn't everything we've gotten over the last month!! Eeeeeekkkkk:/ But we have been garage saleing and 2nd hand shopping and have almost got Homer set for the whole Summer and hoping to get him his Fall/Winter wardrobe soon as well:)

i brought Homer in for the first time, regarding a possible 'illness'. It ended being nothing, which was what I thought it was it ran it's course and we're all good now. I would say 11 months with only one realllll illness is a pretty good run! And it really wasn't all that bad...unless you consider extra cuddles bad;)

here Homer is assisting me with some yoga;)

homer turns one on Wednesday!!! In the mean time...I'm getting in as many of these moments with him as possible because I know they'll be over before I know it and well before I'm ready:(

oh man...this day Homer was being such a ham! He was all over the house. In everything. Laughing. Playing. Making me laugh. It was the most fun:)

the video above is Homer's little dance!! His new things are:
- dancing
- waving bye bye
- signing milk (or waving bye...we're not sure...they're pretty similar;)
- sticking out his tongue when we ask "where's your tongue?"

he's a genius;)

just a little, pieced together, video of Homer eating:) 

homer says 'bye bye':)
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