Sunday, May 12, 2013

homer is ONE:)

if you do nothing this video...I tried to keep it as short as possible but it was soooo difficult! He's just been so damn cute ALL his damn does one cut that down into 3 minutes???;)

it's about 6-1/2 minutes:/...but it's pretty cute: see my kid is damnnnnn cute!

on Tuesday, May 8, 2012...we had a baby. It was so scary and so amazing and soooo life changing:) And I've been counting down the minutes till I get to do it all over again:):)

i actually walked into the house today with him asleep on my shoulder - he's doing this new thing where he'll fall asleep and be out like a freaking rock and I can pretty much walk around with him on my shoulder doing all my daily activities and...nothing. He never wakes. Of course I check to make sure he's alive up there on my shoulder from time to time. But he's a sack of potatoes. It's the best thing. Ever;) - BUT that smile on my was me thinking that shit is beyond good right now. Life is good. And I sometimes fear that all this happy will top off. How can it keep getting better?! 

and that's not to say that there aren't times that it's hard or annoying or my husband leaves a pile of dog shit in the basement for 4 days. And I may have actually called Homer - my son - a dick the other day. Uh, yeah. Opps;)

BUT those little things...they don't compare one tiny bit to the big picture. And the big picture looks pretty good. Actually kinda looks like the 3 of us with huge dumb smiles on our faces, driving around in a Prius - or a my Insurance Agent referred to it as;)....and oh, yeah...we bought a super used Prius - more to come on that;)

so here we are...on Wednesday, May 8, 2013....celebrating Homer's first year:)

the day was as beautiful as the day we brought Homer home:) Sunny. Warm. Perfect:) We got up early to see dad off to work and then walked the kiddo's to school:)

in the weeks leading up to Homer's birthday, the kids were all nice enough to help with some of the decorations for the party too. I pretty much sat back, feet up, cup of coffee in hand and barked orders;)

we decided to have Homer's first birthday party at our new house. It took a bit of work to get it cleaned up enough to have everyone over but it was worth it to us. We want to remember having all Homer's birthday's...all our future children's this home:)

the finished 'one' that the kids helped with:)

we found these green (yoda;) bottles in the garage:)

my dad and mom made this amazing tent for Homer! Courts sewed the fabric for it! We're still divided about the fabric choice and will probablyyyyy be going back for a 3rd time to find something that works better;)

you may not be able to see them but there are little lightsabers in the cupcakes:) ETSY

i think these hats made the party;) AMAZON

everyone did prettyyyyyy well sticking to our 'no toys' policy - not;) BUT we'll let it slide this year;) But Homer got some pretty adorable gifts and we can't thank everyone enough for all the wonderful things (you're hearing it hear cause Homer decided not to send out Thank You Cards;).

but above are a few things that Jacob and I got him:
All Black Converses:)
Book: You Are My Sunshine
we've got a little tradition going where we purchase Homer a book for any special events - so far is first vacation and first birthday:) - and write a little note in there for him
Blocks (wrapped)

our 13 year old nephew...who reminds me SO much of his uncle Jacob (maybe being that he's a Star Wars fan too;) got Homer $5 and this amazing little note:)

and if all 4 sisters are's a photo opportunity;)

looking at these photos makes me laugh cause I do feel a bit sorry for all the kiddos in our lives...they all have 4 moms. I love that there will always be these 4 (I guess 3 if you minus their actual mom;) crazy bitches aunts in their lives;) I feel incredibly lucky to have these ladies. Which is another reason I'm so anxious to add to our family and give Homer a sibling or two or 4;) I just hope they grow up loving each other - then despising butttt then loving again;) - the way the 4 of us do:)


i think everyone had a wonderful time:) It was just the family. As you can see...there are enough of us to make a pretty comfortable party already! It was a perfect day for a perfect little boy to turn one:):)

AND a big thanks to mom for taking so many amazing photos! She's got some more up on her blog:):)
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