Friday, June 14, 2013

month 13:)

i feel like it's been forever since we've taken a monthly photo of Mr. Homer:) BUT we did do one when he was 11 months and then forgot at 12 months (which is unfortunate but we have about a million and one birthday photos - so I think those will work;).

SO here we are again....

i wasn't sure whether to take a breather from the monthly photos or start going every other month or every 6 months...I guess I'm still not sure where my official stand is on that yet. SO until further notice...or next month...we're gonna keep up with them:)

and why not. He's adorable:)

i did manage to find some stats from Homer's most recent appointment. I know people always find those interesting...or annoying;) Take them as you will...use them to compare to your own perfect children;)

HEAD:        48cm
HEIGHT:    30.75in
WEIGHT:   21lb 5oz

if this tells me basically means he's gonna be a damnnnn genius...or have my enormous forehead. We shall see how that all pans out;)

and we mayyyy have adopted a little puppy. Rudy. We are silly...yes, yes I know:) But this puppy needed us and we needed to help him and I think we're all gonna grow old together:)

thanks to Courts for the pretty photos, as always:) 
i walked into her house today and asked her how she was doing and she said that she should start answering like Dave Ramsey: "better than I deserve".

i just recently wrote Homer a letter for his first birthday in the little baby journal I'm keeping for him. I can't remember exactly what I wrote him but I know that I told him about Baby Treyden. And I told him to always remember how lucky he is. How much we love him. And that we'd do anything for him. I told him that I hoped he would care about and be kind to others and remember that there are so many people out there that need our help and that we need to give in any capacity we can. 

i hope we can do right by Homer...and by Treyden and make every day count:)
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