Tuesday, June 11, 2013

your feets needs love:)

if you need a break from the daily budgets you do - or is that just me?!?!? Head over to the Free People Shoe Sale Section!!!!

oh, wait. Never mind. Their sale section is more expensive than the normal shoes I buy. But they sure are easy on the eyes and a lady can dream...right!?:) Maybe I should email them and ask them to email me when they have a SALE on the Shoe Sale Section?!;)

i'm loving all the sandals and have NO reason to buy them. Not one. Damn it to hell.

the Oxfords are still on my radar but something I'm waiting for a more special occasion to purchase...Special as in: when we have money;)

the boots. Well. I love um. And we live in WI. So I don't think you ever need a good reason to buy boots when you live in WI. You buy and you get more use out of them than you'll ever hope to;)

happy shopping:)
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