Monday, June 10, 2013

homer goodness:)

okay...insane amount of photos to I'm gonna keep this supa' short:)

homer has been doing fantastic. He turned 13 months a few days ago and had his one year check-up! All came out fine, he got some shots andddd I can't remember any of the specifics...but it's all good;) He's good:)

he's quite a little whipper snapper! Likes to throw fits. We're still working on weening him off the bottle entirely and onto a sippy cup and still trying to find a sippy cup that suits him. He's got a bit of a we're working on that. Not all the time, as well as smacking you in the face and biting you...anywhere he can reach with his mouth at the moment:/ But he's also signing 'milk', we're working on 'more'. He can give kisses. Wave hi and bye. And like the jabber post...he's talking all.the.time. Long conversations. It's amazing:) Not too clear yet...there are some no's, dog, get, da da, pa pa, ma ma and ear piercing screams...those are pretty understandable...but we'll get there;)

BUT he's a lover. A little cuddle buddy. A ball of hugs. We are grateful, beyond words, for this little boy. All I've ever said that I wanted while pregnant was a happy, healthy baby. And we were lucky enough to get just that. And we haven't forgotten what a blessing that is:)

here's Homer in May:)
*i apologize, a lot of these are going to be repeats for those of you who follow me on twitter/facebook/instagram*

wait...did I say that would be short...oops;)


he prefers his pony rides to be on my back;)

 i think I kinda love this photo...just seeing Jacob looking up at him and smiling so big...he loves that kid:)

we've been taking lots of walks and unfortunately for me, who lovesssss my walks...Homer's getting damn sick of them!:/ SO hoping to order a Boba soon, to just mix things up a bit and maybe 'carry' him for shorter walks.

i feel like I rarely get a photo of Homer and I together (that aren't annoying selfies:)...let alone when I'm actually this was a rare and special occasion:)

 some photos of us hanging out at the new house:)

 jacob really wants a few chickens so that we can get our own eggs. I'm totally down with this idea. And another opportunity to use some of the names that Jacob refuses to allow me name our babies;)
we're actually shooting to get some next year...things are still a bit hectic and we need to get the house cleaned up a bit more. Organize our money and find a place for them to live. SO lots to prep:)

 straws??? No big thang'. Sippy cups??? The devil;)

 ohhhh muhhhhhh gawddddd. That butt cheek:):)

a little side by side...newborn to one year. Shocking. Sad. Not right:(

so maybe I should be taking advantage of the quiet...but instead I try to rest myself...OR just take creepy photos of him sleeping. When he turns 21 and sees all these photos I have of him sleeping he's gonna be all "what the hell mom...weirdo"...but child...that's when you were your cutest;)

 first creepy pony tail;)

 just the MOST handsome. Done:)

courts captured the above and below shots. I love these:) Rowdy's like a little mom to Homer. Always yelling at him and getting after him when he's naughty. It's pretty adorable to watch them 'fight';)

hanging out at the Smith Bros. Meats Open House - the hubby's family business:)

 showing off his new shades to auntie Pigg:)

these both crack me up! The top one he's looking off to the side like a super awesome senior photo!!;) And the bottom one with his eyes closed! Good stuff;)
ALSO. Me trying to figure out which angle makes me look less...large;)

 with the move to the new place...Menards was like a 2nd home for Homer and I:) Luckily, things have slowed down a bit and we're gonna give our wallets a chance to breath and find our footing with this renting thing...and then we're gonna try to do some more improvements as the months go by:)

 for a week there we were giving sink baths cause we couldn't figure out how to plug the tub at the new house. BUT we got it figured out now;)

and yes...we love Target. LOVE. Loveeeeeee - with a deep voice, loveeeeeee;). But believe me...our Target trips aren't always Starbucks, fun, cute sale tops, games, unicorns and Essie Nail Polish...oh no, my friend. Sometimes it's a quick return. EW. Sometimesssss it's toilet paper, pads (for my disgusting lady parts:/) and deodorant for Jacob...not even for ME!!! EW. Sometimesssss we walk in and Homer's all smiles and talking to the people in line at Starbucks and I'm fooled into thinking he's gonna be a super child for at least 1-1/2 hours of Target wandering....and as soon as I get my SERIOUSLY!!?!?!?!?

so that my Homer's May in a nut shell:):) See ya next month!!!
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