Friday, July 19, 2013


homer and I have left on our little Florida Trip and I think I started missing Jacob before we even left WI. Maybe even the front door??? Arg. But I know he's having a grand time without us and I want him to enjoy that time ain't gonna happen again...for years;) But he also made sure to send us off in the best way possible. He had been cleaning like mad - cause he knows I love having things in order before I leave:) He reassured me (even though I haven't asked for that reassurance) that things will be amazing when I return and he's also got a few things he plans on 'surprising' me with. Like finished (sanded/stained/varnished) dining room floors. !!!!!!! - be still my heart and how did I just get naked!?!?;) 

i'm exciteddddddddd for this trip and can't wait to fill you guys in with an insane amount of photos upon our return. But for now. Gonna text Jacob...cause I didn't just do that 10 minutes ago...and maybe 5 minutes prior to that;)


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