Wednesday, July 17, 2013

florida or BUST. about 10 hours...we're headed to FLORIDA!!!:) We're soooo excited!! - see below for excitement;)

because we grew-up road trippin', it seemed logical to consider that for this trip as well! AND with ticket prices currently at about $300 a pop, this just ended up being cheaper for everyone.

we'll be traveling with 6 adults: myself, my younger sister Pigg, my older sister Courts and her husband Dave and our parents:) Unfortunately, Jacob isn't able to go because of work but wipe that sad face off...the guy has been wired at the thought of 6 days alone...quiet;) I can't wait to see how rested he looks when we return;)

the 2 vans that we're borrowing from our aunt and mother-in-law (THANK YOU LADIES!!!!:) will be packed full...besides the adults...there are a total of 8 children, ranging from the ages of  9 months to 13 years joining us. Eeeeekkkk. We must enjoy inflicting pain on ourselves;)

i do believe these kids are gonna rock a road trip. Check back with me in a few days;)

the plan is to leave Colby, WI around 5PM tonight (Wed., 7/17). We'll drive through the night and arrive in Cumming, GA around noon tomorrow (Thurs., 7/18) to spend the night with some good friends - cook out, get our drink on and get some rest:) We're so glad it's working out to see our GA friends, even though it's only for a few hours, we're beyond excited!! Early Friday morning, we're hitting the road for our destination: St. Petersburg, FL. We're hoping to arrive there around 4PM (Fri., 7/19).

why might you ask are we doing this?!?!? Believe me, we didn't just wake up one day and think it'd be a heap of fun to shove 8 kids and 6 adults into 2 vans and drive somewhere 24 hours away;)
We're headed to our cousin's wedding (Sun., 7/21) and we're so happy that we're able to make the trip to be there to help them celebrate their big day!!!

*have I mentioned at all that the wedding is in FLORIDAY??!?!?! Yes?!?! Of course;)*

i do plan on taking my computer with me on the trip but not sure that means any blog posts will go this could be goodbye for a week...or not...or more. I'll leave you guessing:):)


PS. if you'd like to follow along on our trip, the best place to do that would be INSTAGRAM! If you're not that shit. Now.
Here's a list of IG's that will be on this road trip!:
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