Friday, July 12, 2013

month 14:)

14 months old folks. That's happening. And the difference that seven months makes?! Ridiculous!!!! He's gone from a little baby to a little boy in such little time!!

 oh...hold up. I gots to take this call on my cellular phone;)

we've had a busy few months but Homer has shown tremendous resilience! He's settled into a new house and new room with ease:) I'm proud of him for taking it all in stride! And the last couple of days he's been such a sweet little boy. I'm hoping that we'll get more of those days than the rowdy, emotional ones that he normally gives us;)

he's also been starting to walk!!! He takes quite a few steps now but still has no real interest in it. Walking is soooooo overrated;) But yesterday morning when I got home from work, he saw me come in the door and got up and walked the 7 steps to me! That was a perfect welcome and then I laughed into a happy cry;') I'm not sure if I was more emotional about his walking or the excited look he had on his face to see he missed me:) Normally it's Jacob that gets to come home to Homer...but this was me he wanted:)

and that is him. Our Homer-boy:)
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