Sunday, July 7, 2013

boom. the holiday:)

holiday's are always the best time but with Homer they've gotten even MORE fun:) Last year on the 4th of July he was only about 2 months old! This year when we watched some fireworks, I had a hard time watching the fire works because I was watching his reaction! It was pretty cute...he didn't love them but he didn't seem to hate them. Just watched...tried covering his ears and blinked with every boom:)

yet again, I was working this entire Holiday...the 4th and the entire weekend following it. But we still managed to really enjoy it and I think it helps to know that this may have been the last Holiday I'll work for a while, with my new job:):) 

anddddd cause I forgot to take my camera with me anywhere...these are all iPhone photos from our Holiday:) Enjoy!

on the 4th, after I got done with work, we - and by we, I mean myself, Homer and my sister....I let Jacob take the day off to go fishing:) - went to my Cousin's house to have a cookout. Such a relaxing afternoon. And something we look forward to every year!:) 

getting photos with my man, Nasher:):)

on the 6th...we celebrated the 4th with friends at their Annual Shindig:) This is where we actually got to see some fireworks...we were home and in bed by the time the fireworks started on the 4th! Oops;)
Every year I think...oh, no big deal if we watch them. And then when we DO watch them...I realize how much I love them all over again!


we hope you had an amazing holiday!!!:)
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