Saturday, July 6, 2013



how you doin'?!;)

sorry about the awkward view but our faces, besides the smiles cause Homer was sleeping and we were HOME...ALONE...TOGETHER..., but besides those smiles...eeeshhhh. Nothin' to see there folks;)

things are good here. Yep. Good times:) 
I actually just accepted a new job, through the Clinic that I'm currently working at. I'll be doing something similar to what I do now but I'll be working out of the center in my home-town!!! AND my schedule won't include nights OR weekends. I seriously don't know how I'll adjust to such a 'normal' routine! I've been working weekends and splits and nights for the last 7 years. SEVEN. Shit. 
I'm actually so close to the Clinic, within blocks, that Jacob's encouraging me to go look at buying that bike that I've been hoping to get for a few years now! I'm SO excited!!! If I get a bike..I'll need a little trailer for Homer...and a little helmet for him too:) Maybe an attachable seat?!?! The options are limitless;)

this also means we'll be putting less miles on our good ol' Prius, which I'm really excited about:) We can park her and let her rest:)

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