Thursday, July 4, 2013

daily happenings:)

normally I would be doing exclusive posts on HOMER. Just.Homer. But we spend A.LOT of time with our family. Lucky are we to have the ability to spend pretty much EVERY day with them:) I'll still be doing Homer Goodness posts but thought I'd try to get back to our Daily Happening's posts cause we do stuff sometimes. Little day trips. Day Dates. Swimming pool hang-outs. Cookouts. Snowman building. Coffee mornings:) Super important things like that;)

yesterday was an amazing day! Nice and warm. Walk in the morning. Coffee. Errands. And then while Homer napped we got lunch made, found an amazing rug upstairs at the house that we cleaned up and put in the living room, mowed lawn, as well as some other small projects around the house. After that...Pool:)

this is the extent of my landscaping skills...and Jacob planted them. SO I guess my landscaping skills really only include watering...wait...I really haven't done that either. SO yeah. Um.;)

bums:) But I do love how well all the dogs are getting along! Life has been good with Rudy in it:)

nash came over in a long-sleeved shirt. No pants. So that's completely normal;) It was blazing hot out, so I was kind enough to find him something more appropriate;)

apple and Nutella snack:)

and then just some quick photos from around the house. Amazing how you really don't feel like you're in the middle of town here:)

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