Monday, July 1, 2013

homer wear:)

this kid is growing like a weed! I feel like most days, I hardly recognize him! 

i went for a walk with my girlfriend yesterday and we were talking about 'who our kids look like - mom  or dad'. We both agreed that we had a hard time telling most of the time. And we also agreed that most of the time, even after having them for a few months (me having Homer for 13 months and her having her son for 6 months:)...we still have a hard time believing they're even ours!

although, I do believe he's mine when he's throwing a massive fit in Target...but I deny that he's mine when someone walks by and gives me that 'poor you' smile! I mostly just say quietly..."who left their screaming baby in the middle of the women's shoe isle??? weirdddd." ;)

ahhhhhh, he's not thattttt bad...or is he? I'm now at work...missing my memory is playing tricks on me;)

1 thrifted - similar
2 thrifted - similar

oh man...this kid! I love love loveeeeeeee him!!!!!:) The end:)
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