Tuesday, August 20, 2013

homer wear:)

hat gift from his auntie Pigg from Target (i guess it was on super sale).
and because while I was searching for something similar, I found about a million other ones Homer needs: OBVIOUSLYFESTIVE. STUD.

shirt gift from auntie Mal from Target (she thought he needed something tougher...tougher being Spiderman;). here's something similar and here are a few things I want for the little bugger: TASTY WAVES. CLASSIC. NICE. LOVE.

pants thrifted. similar and adorable.

converses jacob and I got these for Homer for his 1st Birthday 5/12. Finally fitting:) We normally wouldn't pay full price for something like this but I just love them. Already scored a pair from an IG Store for only $8 - black high top converses for his 2nd birthday:)

okay...I haven't done ANY shopping since before our Florida trip...maybe even a few weeks prior to that. SO we're going on abouttt 8 weeks of no shopping. For an addict someone who prefers shopping over not shopping;)...that is farrrrrr too long!!!
SO digging through all the little boy clothes available online right now...bad idea. Terrible;)

this little car has alone, made all this child's dreams come true! Who would have thought;) He's been super sick of the stroller for at least a few months. We haven't bitten the bullet and invested in the whole 'bike situation' yet. SO my sister, Mal, gave me this thingggggg. I remember her pushing her boys in it when they were much younger...and being annoyed with it then;) Keeping in mind this was before I even thought I'd want kids.

for whatever reason. He loves this thing. He pretty much looks like and feels like and actsssss like a king in it. I'm able to get a walk in without him twisting his body out of the stroller straps and screaming and throwing his sippy cup at passing cars. 

homer and dumb red car buggy: 1
mom: 0

also...Homer's turned 15 months. That came out of no where!!;) I do have some pics from that day that I'll share SOON!!:)
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