Sunday, August 25, 2013

month 15:)

homer is 15 months old now!!! That's one whole 3 more months. I can hardly believe he's been with us that long. But then again, 15 months seems like the shortest amount of time to have become all that he is:)

homer is pretty bad ass at this point. In both senses of the phrase. 

1/ bad ass: like how you're super cute and can do no wrong and you just rock. Yep. That's Homer. He's freaking adorable. He's a sweetie. He gives kisses. Waves and says bye. Likes to do cart wheels:) One of his joys in life is being pushed in his little buggy car! He  likes tanks tops and converses...together or separate;) He's been falling asleep in my arms recently, which has been one of the joys in my life:)

2/ bad ass: like how you turn into this devil child. How we never see it coming...I'll never know;) He's been a bit feisty with morning drop-off's at the sitters (Courts':). Still working on not hitting, biting and head butting (this doesn't occur often but when it leaves a mark and is ridiculously painful for the victim;). Pointing and whining at people/places/things he, apparently, wants (a habit I have no clue where he picked up but that we're immediately trying to break...terrible!!). Throwing fits randomly...over crazy wanting MY glass of orange juice instead of his own. 

so yeah...besides those few nottttt so perfect qualities...he's perfect;)

homer has been the best thing ever. I can't even tell you. And for those of you with kiddo's in your lives that you love more than anything...I don't have to tell you...cause you get it:) Even the hard times are outweighed by a million good times. Even after he accidentally head butts me in the nose and I think I'll never forgive him...he puts a chunk of cheese on his nose and looks at me and laughs. And somehow...he makes it all better:)

gosh...I really hope we get the chance to give it another go with another healthy, happy, beautiful baby:) I can't wait to tell Homer that he's gonna be a big brother and have him show no interest in what I'm saying what's so ever;) Cause I'm pretty sure he's gonna be the best big bro around:):)

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