Wednesday, September 4, 2013

coffee table post:)

when we moved into our forever-dream-needs-a-lotta-work-but-we're-pumped-home we were lucky to find that a few gems were left behind!!

this table, which now serves as our coffee table, actually sat outside the house through an entire winter and spring. We roll all trailer-trash like that;) But once summer rolled around I was ready to try and salvage the little guy!

after tightening some screws on the legs, giving it a quick sand and then staining and was as good as new!!!:) And all that took only a good part of one afternoon! That's about all my attention span and patience has to this was the perfect project for me!

as you can imagine...Homer was beyond helpful;) He mostly tested it's sturdiness:)

and here is the beautiful finished product!!! I really love how it turned out and it was completely free! My parents - RL - do custom cabinetry and so I used just a small amount of stain that they already had laying around and then my mom was nice enough to take a few minutes to varnish (which is why I didn't get any photos of that part of the project...oops:). 

SIDE NOTE: that area rug is also another freebie that came along with the house!!!:) AND that adorable yellow couch...another freebie that I found out on the curb while on one of our walks. The church was giving it away and Homer and I wanted it so badly that we sat on it until my mom came back with a truck;)

this place is coming together piece by piece:):)
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