Monday, October 28, 2013

boogie nights:)

a few Saturday's ago we prepped our bod's and faces to leave the house!!! Here are some seriously scary before shots of us;) I wish we took after Homer in these instances cause he does scary pretty damn adorably!!!

homer and I attended the wedding of Jacob's cousin and his new wife! It was gorgeous. They were gorgeous. It was a very enjoyable night!!! - especially since I'd hit that point in my pregnancy where I'm not completely exhausted...whoooo hooo!

after the ceremony we did some bar hopping! Bar hopping used to be my favorite part about a wedding but now...not so much - the meal has secured that position;) - but we still had a great time! Even all gussied up in a dress, tights and heels (say whattttt??!?! - I actually had to 'dust' my heels when I dug them out of the back of my closet. Sad...sadddd day;) andddd drinking water while pregnant and chasing a went incredibly smoothly! I gave Homer lots of hugs for being such a great little boy that whole day and night! 

i have to add that Jacob did not join us until the reception at about 1045PM because he was cooking all day for the wedding, serving the wedding reception dinner and then had to return all the food to the shop before coming back to really enjoy the party! It was kind of a huge bummer not having him there to help with Homer...and for hand holding;) but Homer really stepped up and was the best behaved little boy for this 1/2 day single mama:)

homer had a BLAST at the reception! He's dances at home but nothing like this! I couldn't stop laughing - and almost crying:') - while watching him listen to the music and just do his own thing! I promise you, he did NOT learn all those amazing moves from me!!;)

in case you're not familiar with Homer by now...he's the handsome little boy in the black vest. The one dancing his heart out:)

jacob was able to step away from serving food at the reception so we could take a quick family photo!:) 

note to self: practice not looking like shit in photos!!!:/ - the shot above is my favorite because of how happy Homer and Jacob so much! Blah...our own worst critics, right?!;)

and the classic...sister pics:) Not gonna lie - and I think they'd all agree with me on this one - they all suck in one way or the other! ARRRRRGGG!!!;)

 my favorite...obviously;)

this one actually turned out pretty well...besides Pigg's inability to!!! But the full photo is actually below...hilarious and best photo-bomb to date;)

homer danced and ran wild and took some photo-booth photos with us until he just couldn't hang with the big dogs anymore! He didn't pass out till about 11PM...with NO nap!! He's a party animal:)

and then I ate too many skittles and entertained myself by taking awful selfies;)

many more memories to share if you're on Instagram!! Check-out hashtag #aprettyneatsmithwedding :)

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