Wednesday, October 30, 2013


now that I can tell Jacob I love him any day of the week. Any time of the day. I can't even imagine there was a time I couldn't tell him that that's how I felt. I've always loved Jacob. I knew that. I just thought that loving him was something I'd get over. Or be able to stop, eventually. Apparently, I was wrong. Boy was I wrong...cause now that I have Jacob...I know that it wouldn't be possible for me to ever stop loving him. 

one day...about 11 years ago...I said out loud "I think I like Jacob..." - I actually said that to my sister Courts, who was already married to Jacob's older brother. I'm pretty sure she looked at me with the 'people's eye brow' and said "ummm, no you're not." - Still makes me chuckle! She's since said that she may have been wrong about that reaction;)


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