Sunday, November 3, 2013

is June too soon?!:)

on rare occasions I get things in the mail that are WAY more fun than bills and creditors trying to get us to apply to their amazingly affordable credit cards;) A few days ago we received a Save The Date for a wedding in June of 2014! A mere 8 months away...never too soon to start day dreamin' about what I'll be wearing...or ordering things to try on...wait...I'm pregnant and have a legitimate belly already. So yeah. Maybe it is a tadddd too early.


here are a few that I've found that I'm the moment. I may peek back at this in 7 months and wonder if it was the giant ice cream sandwich that was making decisions for me while I was doing this post;) Or the fact that my computer is at 13% and I don't have the energy to walk to the other room for the let's do;)

up and down were found via Shop Sosie. Super cute. Super affordable. 

up is a beauty from ModCloth and it was the pretty green that attracted me...and now to find that color in paint for a wall in my home:)

now my ice cream sandwich thought process is: something long for chasing Homer...he'll be 2 by June 2014 - I can feel the sandwich coming back up...that's sick:'/ And more legs will probably not be wedding ready within 2 months after having a baby. They'll be white and very soft...veryyyy soft;). 
And something nursing-friendly...because with any luck we'll have a healthy, spunky 2-1/2 month old that will be hungry at all the wrong times during this wedding/reception and we'll need 'easy access':)

oh man. Is it wrong that I'm SUPER pumped to be nursing again!?!?!? And June will be fabulous. Fantastic weather and just enough time after the baby to maybe be feeling myself again...almost...kinda;)

yayyyyy for weddings and love and rowdy 2 year olds and beautiful newborns and online dress shopping that is specific to my future breast-feeding needs. 

and on that note. Night Night:)

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