Tuesday, November 5, 2013

homer goes boo:)

we celebrated our 2nd Halloween with Homer:) Whoever said Halloween was more fun with kids...wait...did anyone ever say that??? They were lying directly to my face;)

maybe Halloween in Cali is more fun...warm weather...but here in WI it was a bit cold. Foggy streets, littered with small children jacked up on candy. Good times;) And our little Homer already seems to have a pretty intense addiction for all things sugar. SOOOOO Halloween...um...at least he looked ridiculously adorable?!;)

i'm actually looking forward to the coming years...when he's more interested in pumpkin patches and carving/decorating pumpkins:)

in case you haven't already put it together...we are a family interested in all things Star Wars. That's my husband's doing:) And so, it was obvious that Homer would be a Star Wars character...we settled on the Ewok:)

SIDE NOTE: i purchased his costume online from Target. It was on sale and with my Target Red Card (the one where it comes directly out of your checking...I can NOT be trusted with a 'credit card') I get Free Shipping and 5% off...so it was about $20 when all was said and done. We plan to save ALL costumes and try to pick some super cheapies up at garage sales next year cause as more kids come into the picture...we'll find ourselves wanting to spend $20 per costume...never.;)

lia: burglar jax-man: ninja t-bug: darth vader A: witch nasher: spider-man rowdy: cutest flower EVA luke: spider ninja homer: ewok

a few nights later the ladies and myself got dressed up for our Halloween themed Wine Night:) Fun was had...too much food was also had;)

i tried a new appetizer, above - found here - and I think it was a hit!

neen: boxer mal: hippie courts: pregnant wednesday addams pigg: where's waldo karey: santa's adorable pregnant helper gerd: rosie the riveter friend: kitty myself: pregnant burglar

and then because he's too cute...some extra photos of Homer in more of his Star Wars gear:):) And WAY too distracted by his little bag of treats to give mom the time of day;)

and check out that maneeeeeee! Whooooo Weeeee! We're starting to get to the point where I for surely need to invest in some detangler. And we mayyyy be considering a cut. Although, we're still pretty content with waiting things out till he's at least two. We shall see!:)

halloween was a success and I decided I'd count it as a success if Homer kept his costume on at least 60% of the time. SO...SUCCESS!!!:)

and to think...next year we'll have 2 kiddos to find Star Wars costumes for:)

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