Wednesday, November 6, 2013

week 20:)

i'm a little stunned that we're already...HALF.WAY!!! Puke. Gag. Choke. SMILE:):) This pregnancy, like Homer's has been completely uneventful and I could NOT be more grateful for that. I've witnessed and had many a conversation with girlfriends that were far less lucky...puts things into perspective!

right now I'm kinda hitting that point where I'm thinking "holyyyyy shit...I have to BIRTH another child. A baby is going to come OUT of my vagina. It.Going.To.Hurt.Something.Fierce.". But then I quickly distract myself with those oh, so amazing when they hand me our healthy, beautiful (depending on how much of my insides are still spread across his/her face;) baby:):)

we get to name this little guy. I get another chance to nurse a baby and again, hoping things go as smoothly as they did with Homer. I get to spend a few weeks cuddled up at home with our new baby AND Homer!

we're very fortunate:) 

due date 
they bumped me to 20 weeks and I'm measuring about a week ahead...yum;) Due Date is arounddddd March 26th:)

boy or girl 
boy. boy. boy.

lots of good names have been thrown around. My good friend, Friend, emails me a name a week! Love this new tradition:) Since we pretty much have the same minds...they're normally names I've already considered;) 
Poppy and Piper were some adorable girl names but we're kinda set on girls names at the moment...
Murray was taken off the boys list.

it has definitely 'popped' in the last 3 weeks! AND around week 18 I finally felt the baby kick. I had my ultrasound around that time also and they said the placenta is...somewhere...who knows...but it's kinda blocking the kicks. So that was reassuring. I felt Homer quite a bit more often than I do this baby.

weight appetite has finally settled a little and I'm not eating anything and everything within reach. BUT that hasn't slowed the weight gain...

current weight: 154lbs
total weight gain: 18lbs

PS. jacob is currently on his way to the grocery store (909PM) to get me grapes and Mint Bon Bon. That's totally normal, right?;)

things are getting...tight. Time to get creative;)

baby buys 
nothing has been purchased for the baby in the last 3 weeks! I've also got a friends 'Sprinkle' coming that's been helpful in distracting me from my own baby:) BUT we've got our Annual MOA Trip coming up next week and I plan to hit up a few stores for some gender neutral cuteness!!!:)

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