Monday, November 11, 2013


i'm a few weeks behind but I refuse to give-up on the idea of this slacker;)


this is kinda a throw-back. We took this about 12 hours after we were married...It's only been a little over 2 years since that day and I feel like we already look like babies back then! What a few short years, a toddler, 2 mortgages and another pregnancy will do to a person's face;)

OMG. I've written and rewritten paragraph after paragraph and none of it's coming out the way I'd like. ARGGGGG. Painful. And then there's Jacob getting antsy cause he brought home Hangover III to watch - how romantic...I was hoping for The Heat;) 

anyhoo. We have to get Life Insurance. ASAP. Whoa...heavy. Sorry about that:/ I hate thinking about it. I hate thinking about what it's for and why we need it. But it's a reality.

i don't want to live a day without this man. I don't have plans on it.

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