Tuesday, November 12, 2013

month 18:)

this child of ours is now 18 months old. Jeez Louise. Time is sure cruising and being pregnant right now is only pushing time forward that much faster.

pause while I eat a cookie and cry a lot little;')

i've said it before (like uhhhh lot;) and I'll say it again (and again and again;)...Homer is a LOT of work. And sometimes I treat myself to a nap. Or candy. Or Target. Or a distorted-face cry. Cause I deserve it after he throws a fit while I change a shitty diaper. Or screams through 30 minutes of our 32 minute Target stop. Or feeds the floor and dogs the meal I just cooked - while he screamed at my feet. Or tips over the lamp and breaks our last bulb - and they're 'green' so those frickers ain't cheap!! Or breaks the gold chain to the only necklace I've worn every day since our wedding. 

and that was all on Thursday;)

BUT. There is a but people;) He's the best. The most fun. He makes me laugh all day long. And sometimes he makes me laugh WHILE he's throwing a fit...cause come on...sometimes it's just too ridiculous not to! Oh, you want this box of matches and now you're on the floor screaming cause I won't give them to you?!!? My GOD. I'm the worst;)

more often than not...those tears I shed over Homer are the sappy ones. The ones that don't want him to grow up. The ones that realize some day he'll look at me like I'm a super huge idiot and I'll have to stop myself from screaming at him "I STARED AT YOU AND CRIED WHILE BREAST FEEDING YOU CAUSE I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHINGGGGGG, DON'T YOU GET THAT!!!!!!!" Hopefully, him and the friend he has standing next to him are still in the mood for pizza bites after that little outburst;)

i love this kid more than anything and I think this quote says it all:)

“Making the decision to have a child – it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” – Elizabeth Stone

mega and Homer are about 4 months apart. I think there's a love/hate relationship there;) I know for sure they've physically fought too many times to count. And it's hilarious. BUT Mega holds her own. Homer should be a bit scared;)

and you may hate us now...cause it's NOT EVEN THANKSGIVING YET...but Jacob and I decided to put a tree up the week before Thanksgiving. We just want to enjoy this festive time of year a bit longer than we normally get the chance too!:) I LOVE the day after Halloween. The day we start thinking about the family and holiday get-together's to come!!!:)

also...Homer's hair is starting to look a weeeee bit...crazy?! It makes me chuckle:) We have no plans of cutting it yet or really any time soon but Courts and I came up with 2 movies - 2 of my favs by the way:), whose characters he resembled and it cracks.me.up! AHHHHHH!!!! So funny!

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