Wednesday, October 9, 2013

ten goodies.

oh you know...just day dreamin' about what I'd do if all the bills were paid ahead for the next few months and we already knew Homer was going to college on a full Interpretive Dance Scholarship;) 

below are a few things that I want...just cause:) And sometimes making a list and taking 2 hours to do a blog post about them is enough to keep me from being hunched over my 2AM...with frozen cookie dough to keep me shopping;)

i've actually been looking into getting THIS (she's currently closed till the end of Oct. but they're worth coming back to, gorgeous:) dream catcher and that got me in 'dream-catcher-mode' and then I saw THIS post and now...yeah...a necklace too:)

a book I have on my Amazon Wish List - Courts has already purchased it and I look forward to borrowing it.

a light fixture I have already mentally hung in our dining saving my pennies:)

i mayyyyy already have this in cream but it's SO cozy and perfect for pregnant and non-pregnant bodies and I've found that if you find something you like...get 2.

homer, obviously, needs this. Love it. Love the flat brim. Homer could rock this all next summer! Potential Christmas gift:)
i have a basket full of fluff. That's a real thing;) Yep, I have a basket full of pillow fluff sitting here at home waiting for covers. I kinda want all these:)
And wouldn't that 'i love you to the moon and back' be a great addition to Homer's new bed?? - oh, yeah...we're getting him a little bed for Christmas:)

this would be silly not to have in my wardrobe. I just missed my chance to snag this for the sale price of $16.50. Kicking myself cause it's back to $22 now. Next time!
I can't imagine I'll get any stares if I chose to wear this while out walking with Homer;)

and there you have it. Only some of the many things that look good to me at this very moment:)
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