Tuesday, October 15, 2013

month 17:)

i'm trying to think of...loving things to say about Homer...since getting home from work he's been standing at my feet screaming and crying. In my arms screaming and crying. Or in the living room screaming and crying...while laying on his back trying to push the coffee table over with his feet. 

besides all that...he's prettyyyyyyyyy much the best;) And can I blame him for any of the above?!?! Not at all...I created him. The worst of me was put in him (along with all the best;). SO when I see him not being able to control his little rages outbursts...it's like looking in a super scary mirror;)

sooooo. What I'm saying....he's a pain in the ass. I plan to put a lot of these stories in his baby book. I never want to forget what a pain in the ass he's been. And I don't plan on letting him forget it either;)

homer is already 17 months!! And besides throwing the occasional (if occasional is equivalent to every 10 minutes!?;) fit, he's been up to a lot:)

- he can say a lot more words/phrases: purple, pa pa, Mal Mal (his aunt), shoe, poo poo (and points to his diaper), hippo (more like blippo?:), apple, Poe (our dog), Casey (seems to want to call me by my first name instead of MOM!!!:/), all done, where you going, get (we may say this to the dogs 'occasionally';)

still working on: love you, night night, Homer, Rudy (our other dog) :)

- he's quite the snuggle bug in the morning. He could use a good 30 minutes of snuggling every morning:)

- he also has a fun morning routine! After getting up, he has to turn the light off himself and  shut the door:)

- he's been going to a sitter for the last month or so. Still cries every morning I drop him off there, has actually started saying 'no no no' as soon as we pull in her drive-way;) But he's done so well there!!

i don't know what baby we'll be lucky enough to receive next. But I really do hope that he or she is a lot like Homer:)

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