Thursday, October 17, 2013

week 17:)

heyyyy hey! We're 17 weeks already! And I've got a bit of a thigh/ass/breast issue BELLY!!! It's pretty cute! I've always loved once you get past that 'bloated/fat' feeling phase and actually start looking and feeling pregnant! Although, I'm not quite there yet...

i'm still not showing too much and most days I'm not sure if it's a 'baby belly' or something to do with the insane amounts of food (all shitty...arg:/) that I ate. Nonstop. All.Day.Long. Eeeeek. I need to start exercising some self-control. Or...well...just exercising in general;)

again, I've been so lucky...I've been feeling great and except for those occasional 'rages', 'sudden outburst of tears', 'crying myself to sleep because of DEATH and the fact that I'm not sure RUNTS exist anymore' (at least not at our local Dollar Store;) and 'insomnia'...things have been fantastic!!!

due date 
undecided at this point...I'm going with March 27th. BUT we have our Ultrasound on Oct. 29th...should find out an exact-ish date then:)

boy or girl 
i'm still thinking it's a boy. BUT a coworker of mine has been bragging up a bunch of SERIOUSLY adorable girl clothes her baby girl has outgrown and that she knows I'll love and is bringing in WHEN I have a girl. a girl kinda sounds fun too;)

we've added and removed a few over the last few weeks:
Harmon (suggestion from Pigg...but have you ever played the drinking game Harmon Killebrew??!...gots me drunk a few times...good times were had...I think;)...OR for this baseball player...which makes the name sound nice again!
Ren (as in Stimpy;)
Hayne, Hane (as in Hanes HER Way:)
Both were boy options for us.

like I mentioned's getting there! There's something and I like it:)

still holding strong but I mayyyyyyy (I will admit to nothing!!!!;) have ate 2 awesome rice crispy treat-ish things for breakfast. 2 MD's cheeseburgers and a can of pear halves for lunch. 1/2 a large candy bar for a snack. Pizza Hut for dinner. 

PS. i feel ill;) and I wish I could say that's the WORST day of eating I've had but I've logged some worse shit...and quite often:/ Jacob has called it quits on junk food for the both of us and tomorrow we start a new thing called: stop eating shit and eat better shit!!!

current weight: 148lbs
total weight gain: 11lbs

still able to fit into all my 'normal' clothes, which I'm thankful for. I've thrown on a few pair of pants that are definitely getting a bit too tight but forging ahead as long as possible before my daily wear consists of size L undies and tighty pants;)

baby buys 
nothing new in the last few weeks. Which is super good. I do have a long list of things we 'need' next time around:

Double Bike Trailer/Stroller - doubles as a bike trailer AND stroller/jogger. I NEED. Can't wait to get myself and Jacob bikes this Spring and take the little guys out for rides!:)

Point and Shoot Camera - just a must for me next year. MUST:) Need a fancyyyyy new camera to capture new baby shit:)

Grace Based Parenting - i'm soooo excited to read this book. 

Ergo Baby Carrier - i wish I would have carried Homer more...everywhere! Next time around I'm gonna get that right!:)

i kinda didn't want Courts to stop taking photos of the gorgeous scenery...this year has flown by so has the month of October all on it's own!:( I feel like I haven't had even a minute to just stand in the middle of FALL and take it all in! Tomorrow, perhaps?!?!

soooooo this thirty year old (whoaaaaa. Still weird typing/saying/admitting that;) had to get some specs. It was long overdue and BonLook was having an amazing deal! $77 TOTAL. That was ordered and shipped! I pretty much love them and I'm told that I look even more like my grandmother than I already did...which I'm taking as a huge compliment:)
If ya love them....HERE'S the link!

PS. i don't have toooooo bad of eyes/vision, so you won't see me wearing these day and night but they're definitely a must for driving...and if you pass me in the mall...or a hall...or while I'm out walking...and I'm not wearing them...I apologize in advance for not waving back. Your face looked like a peach blob with 2 black holes to me:/

i love looking back and comparing to how things went down with Homer!:) On the left, I'm 17 weeks along with Homer. Right, 17 weeks with Homer's brother OR sister!!!:)

and here's my week 17:) post on Homer if you like reminiscing too:)
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