Tuesday, November 29, 2011

week: 17:)

and here we are...another week and still growing....the baby...not me (lets hope:).

no news is good news on this front! Again...I've been blessed with the easiestttttt pregnancy. Does this mean we'll try and set some baby making records!? Um...hell no. But it does mean that life is a bit easier for Jacob.
It does NOT mean that I haven't pulled the pregnancy card a few...hundred times;) LIKE: when needing the Christmas tubs carried upstairs. Carrying laundry downstairs. Making food. Bringing ice cream to me in bed. Petting the dogs.

i kid. Kinda:)

due date: may 11, 2012:)

boy or girl: starting to get more feedback on this. For the most part...people are agreeing with us on the boy:) BUT we have had some 'dreamers' with girls:)! Eeeeekkkk!

names: a recent suggestion: Cora
Pretty and simple...but yet Jacob still wasn't on board.
I suggest Posey...and he thinks mayyyybeee. Um...yeah. Odd.

belly: it's pretty adorable...I feel like I look perfect for being over 4 months:)

nausea: only if I don't eat every hour or so...a small (sometimes healthy;) snack solves that.

stretch markssss: no new stretch marks. YET. I did break down and buy a few different Palmer's lotions to help do anything I can to avoid them. Lotioning up and feeling greasy have now become part of my daily routine:)

weight: possible weight gain. I've kept it in check for the last 4 weeks but may have gone up regardless. I was hoping to stay within the doctor ordered 1-3lbs...we'll see at my next appointment - next week:)
BUT regardless, I feel great:)

touch: no awkward belly touches...as of now. BUT I've been warned that they're coming...EEekkkk!

wardrobe: luckily, still in my normal jeans and such. I have no plans to invest in maternity wear:) But the tighty pants days are not far off I fear:)

baby stuff: not buying stuff is STILL hard! Broke down and made 2 purchases today. And they're wonderful and I love them. No regrets there:)

still on the hunt for an amazing little wooden sled. I'm a little ahead of the game cause baby won't really be able to enjoy until next Christmas. BUT I like to be prepared:)

LEFT: Etsy - adorable pillow and incorporates the grassy green Jacob likes:) BOUGHT
MIDDLE: Etsy - sweet little romper that I think will be perfect on boy OR girl:) BOUGHT
RIGHT: Overstock - the little sled I'm in search of..for much cheaper.

and then there's the subject of my ASS...huge.EVER GROWING.assssss. People...it's taken on a life of it's own. And that is that:(

you best be worth that ass baby;)
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