Sunday, November 27, 2011

tday. nom nom:)

this Thanksgiving Jacob was able to join the festivities at my Aunts house for the first time...usually he's hunting. But we had the gathering later this year because me and my sister were working that day. Boo:(

as usual/expected...amazing food and we filled up FAST! I had my one glass of wine:) And most of the drive home we talked about how that get together only gets better after each passing year!
(the other portion of the drive home was spent talking about giving birth. So you can imagine what my dreams were filled with!!! blahhhh;)

i've also been working on some ideas for a Christmas Card...just need to decide if I want to use a photo we already have (wedding/honeymoon) or get Courts to take a new one. So far this year we've had pretty mild I'm hoping we get a bit of snow in the next week so that we can get a more festive photo to use...and god forbid the doggies not be included;)
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