Sunday, December 22, 2013

to Texas and back:)

sooooooo I crossed Texas off my long Hope to Travel to List:)

my sister, Pigg, was kind enough to let me tag along as her guest on a work trip this weekend! It was awesome! So nice to have a couple days away from home and to explore somewhere new. I'm MORE than ready to be home and as I sit in this rinky dink airport in Little Rock, AR...with 2 hours till our first of two flights home...I figured I may as well fill ya'll in on our trip - Yep. I can do ya'll now...I've been to TX;)

 my "I'm leaving my son and husband for 4 days and not sure that my heart can handle it" airport bathroom selfie;)

and then I had an amazing cinnamon roll and latte and all was right with the world:)

first things first when traveling...the delay...the drama;) Our pilot...YES...the man who then flew the tapped an overhead carry-on compartment so that our flight wouldn't be delayed. Jeesh!!!

we flew our kitten-sized plane into Chicago, IL and had a quick layover before heading to Texas:)

after flying into Dallas, TX...we headed straight to our hotel in Fort Worth. We stayed down by the Stock Yards. I love staying in the more 'authentic' parts of these towns and this was definitely a more Texas feeling area of the state!

we met up with some folks for dinner and then wandered around the stock yards to take some photos while the place was all lit up:)

it was quite nice to come from 20 degree weather, to 70 degrees! While Pigg worked a bit on Friday, I did some walking and site seeing and napped and watched TV at the hotel and had a nice lunch. It was really a nice and quiet day:) I was hoping to be quite rested by the time I got home to my boys but this lengthy wait to get home to WI is making that difficult!!:/

i also made Pigg sit on the long horn seemed like something you have to do when visiting TX. I mean...if there's a longhorn outside your pay the man $5 to sit on it!!!!

i sent Jacob this photo. His response:

"pregnant chicks don't belong on cows"  ;)

a little video of the longhorns on the street. We were told they walk that street twice a day...every day.

had I not been pregnant...we would have drank. And got tattoos. The end.

saturday night we went out to an amazing dinner with Pigg's coworkers. It was a great time and late night but the food was ridiculously good!

i was overly excited about how amazing my hair look straightened! Pigg has a good one and I'll be picking one up as soon as we get home!!! That and some yoga pants without holes in the butt. A biggggg ol' sorrryyyyyyyy to anyone who was behind me on this trip AND checking out my pregnant butt;)

so many drinks for much water for me!:(

besides having to rebook flights to different cities in order to even get to WI...and then to have those flights delayed...and have to have our parents drive 2-1/2 hours to pick us up instead of the 30 minutes we had originally planned for...and the fact that we'll be getting home at 1AM instead of 7PM...and BOTH have to work in the morning....

it's been an okay trip home;)

but then again, I'm speaking from a small the Little Rock, AR. SO things could change between now and our flight;)

even without being fed for the first portion of this day...I managed NOT to lose my cool. Pat.On.Back. Traveling is so awesome and one of my favorite things to do in the whole world. So I'll take the good with the bad:)
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