Saturday, December 14, 2013

month 19 - Homer:)

i'm so glad I did/do these photos of Homer! How will I ever stop!? Will I be forcing him to sit in this chair when he's 216 months old?!?!? - 18 years old;)
Just being able to look back and see what he looked like at this exact time a year ago...phew. Mind.Blown! - check out the difference in the photos at the bottom of this post!

this little ham is really growing up on me! I can hardly remember from month to month what he's accomplishing/learning/destroying;) I try to keep notes of little things he starts doing and anything with any significance to us...but some months go by where there's not a lot of change. He doesn't go from NOT driving in 30 days right now;)

here's what Homer's been up to as of late:

- you talk/babble in full(ish) sentences! I don't have a damn clue what you're saying most of the time but it's the best thing. EVER. And it's all important. I can tell by your facial expressions;)

- you actually like those healthy smoothies I make. Which is HUGE because some days I can't remember the last time you've ate anything. At.All. Arg. 
You're definitely a mom of a finicky eater when you get emotional when they eat a full meal!

- you've conquered the stairs. Of course, we keep a close eye on you when you're on those stairs but you like to do it yourself!

- you HAVE to shut the lights off yourself. Light switches have now become my worst enemy at 730AM when I'm already running late for work and we need to get out of the house in a hurry!!!;)

- dancing. Holy.Shit. He dances. And it's awesome.
One of the best things Jacob and I feel we ever did was NOT have the TV on for the first 12 months of Homer's life! I think he really does have a love for music and this makes me happy in so many ways:)

- hair. OUT.OF.CONTROL. No plans to cut that party...yet;)

- can say Holy Moly (adorable;). Purple. Love you (not too often but there's crying involved when he does...on my part, not his;). He can say a few of his cousins names: Rowdy, Nash, Mega, Peyton. Imagine those names...but baby-style pronunciation. 

- things excite you now! It's so fun to see your face light up over things you're discovering for the first time!!'s fascinating AND apparently, tasty;) The Mickey Mouse's fascinating AND has the best music for dancing and he loves saying "Oh toooodddlesssss" along with it! The Christmas lights up. Enough said;)

and there are a million other things that he's been doing that have me laughing, crying happy (and sometimesssss sad and angry tears;'), and sometimesssss counting the minutes till bedtime;)

this child of baby...only 3-1/2 months away from being a big brother. :)

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