Saturday, December 14, 2013


we have a song. It is Total Eclipse of the Heart. THIS version seems to suit us pretty well but last night I discovered the version below...and then I cried...and cried;') I really wish we'd have found this song when we got married cause we didn't dance to 'our song', we picked a different one but had we known of Jill Andrew's version, I know we would have chosen that:)


last night I lost my mind got pretty upset after Jacob came home without the food...that I hadn't told him to bring home. SO yeah. And then I cried;') You'll be happy to know that I did apologize and I did so guessed it...crying!!!

this pregnancy has made me a tadddddd irrational - more so than usual;) I don't want to be the thing that makes any of Jacob's day's harder. Most days I don't think I am...but some days...I totally am;) Working on that. 

i have a good man on my hands.
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