Sunday, December 29, 2013

week 27:)

sometimes 27 weeks just does NOT feel very far along. But then there will be 30 weeks. That feels far along;)

broken record about to happen: this pregnancy, like Homer's, has been going so smoothly. We're very fortunate for that. I'm lazy and tired and semi-psychotic while pregnant (and possibly w/out a baby in me;) anyway and so if I was reallyyyyyy having a difficult pregnancy...lives would be lost;)

jacob and I have been having more conversations lately about how quickly this pregnancy is going. And how with Homer around...there hasn't been quite as much time to dwell on it. It's kinda just been happening while we were doing other things. And that's not a bad thing. It's given us lots of time to get in as many cuddles as possible with Homer. He's fallen asleep in my arms more times than I can count over the last month and I'm so grateful for that. In less than 90 days he won't be the 'baby' anymore. *ugly cry* 

due date 
March 26th:)

boy or girl 
my mind changes on this constantly! My youngest sister, Mal, just found out she's having her 3rd boy. I was POSITIVE she was having a girl. I was also positive about a boy guess on a friend prior to her (who found out she's having a girl!!!). So yeah. My track record ain't good;)

a recent suggestion from Friend was Chevy. As in, Chevy Chase. I love the reference cause it makes me think of my fav Christmas movie, Christmas Vacation:) But I doubt Chevy will make the short list;) 

i've now decided that no pen is worth having to pick it up off the floor after dropping. Bending sucks;)

since my last update I've indulged in! EVA!!!! SO yeah. There's that. I'm guesstimating I'm coming in at abouttttttt:

current weight: 168lbs
total weight gain: 31lbs

i was hoping to stay at that 1lb per week of my pregnancy (only gaining 40 total pounds in the end)...but we're almosttttt at 28WKS and I'm at 31LBS of weight gain. I'm passing the weeks up;)

i feel best when bra and pantless. The end;)
BUT I did just recently discover a pair of nice long, normal looking, jeans in my pile that I can button and they look great (actually wearing them in these photos). And they're not completely uncomfortable. SO that is a happy day for my bod;)

baby buys 
there haven't been any new baby purchases! This is kinda shocking. But that won't last long. I got a great Target GC for Christmas and I will put $20 towards something adorable for the baby;)

and as always...thanks to Courts for the pretty pics! She did a great job of getting photos that make me feel MUCH less big than I feel!:)

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